White Papers

Replacing Google Search Appliance on Sitecore

A white paper that discusses the perfect alternative to replacing Google Search Appliance on the Sitecore platform. With end of life announced for GSA, find out what it takes to migrate quickly and seamlessly.

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Site Search Considerations - In a Sitecore XP Context

This Whitepaper's share important thoughts and considerations on Site Search. It takes you through a number of steps from "Where do I start" through "Search relevancy tuning" and "Monitoring" .

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Sitecore - Demandware - Salesforce Commerce Salescloud

A whitepaper that illustrates a number of various options on how to integrate Sitecore and Demandware (Now Salesforce CommerceCloud). The options discussed includes both Demandware and Sitecore as "owning-the-glass" as well as a hybrid model.

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