Strategy & User Experience

Make your customer journey an unforgettable experience

Our clients value us for more than our technology expertise. They know we also understand the balance of planning and implementation – of moving quickly without losing sight of the strategic roadmap.

Our strategic, creative, and UX services help you meet your vision for a smarter, more engaging customer experience on the outside and a solid, stable technical structure on the inside. We help you make sense of your analytics data and shape our strategic and creative recommendations to meet your business and marketing goals. We provide you with what you need to build experiences that not only function well but deliver beautifully.

Strategic Services: Evaluate. Imagine. Plan.

The Alpha Solutions team believes that a well-executed solution is a well-planned solution. Alpha Solutions Strategic Services help you evaluate your current resources, gather and interpret business and customer insights, and create a marketing and technology roadmap for the future of your customers’ journey with your brand or business.

Holistic Experience Analysis

Digital properties not getting the ROI you envisioned? Customers abandoning their carts? Bounce rates on your landing pages high?

No worries. We’ll help you diagnose website visitor and online shopper experience issues from the front-end design to the back-end performance issues – and beyond. You’ll get a report of our findings, along with recommendations for improvements, based on industry best-practices.

Intelligent business insights. Engaging digital experiences

Whether you’re just beginning explorations for a new business or in need of a refresh, we can help you gather, filter, and analyze data to inform your next big leap. We’ll work with you to define or refine your business goals and marketing KPIs, create data-driven personas, analyze market trends and competitive landscape, provide technical benchmarking, and much more. Then we’ll work with you on strategic planning for things such as content strategy, front-end and technical search engine optimization (SEO), and platform evaluation and selection tailored to your unique brand persona and business needs.

Sitecore xMarketing Roadmap

If your company uses Sitecore for its marketing content, our experienced Sitecore marketing ninjas can help you step up your game. We work with you to scope and plan your digital visitor experience using Sitecore’s extensive marketing features. Our roadmap may address content strategy, SEO, opportunities for increased personalization, defining customer flows, analytics reporting needs, and more.

Inspired User Experience for inspiring customer engagement

You have only seconds to entice your audience into engaging with your brand – so you’d better make those seconds count. Our UX team executes on your strategic roadmap, creating inspired experiences that bring your customers back to your digital sites again and again.

Front-end Design & Development

The most sophisticated engine won’t matter if the ride goes nowhere. From information architecture to functional design to customer flow, our developers stay one step ahead of your customers’ needs and desires – then build the experience that drives them to conversion…and on to brand loyalty. Services may include card-sorting, navigation blueprints, functional wireframing, storyboarding, prototyping, template development, and more.

User/Usability Testing

Good projects build testing into their process. Exceptional projects make testing central to their process. We provide testing services for every phase of your project, from inception to launch – and beyond. Services may include focus groups, interviewing, surveys, beta testing, A/B testing, and various approaches to usability testing, including talk-aloud protocols, moderated and unmoderated remote testing, and more.

Creative Services

Marketing runs deeper than “make it pretty.” The most effective, engaging creative design, copywriting, and front-end development grow up together, symbiotically. We can help you with creative services, such as graphic design, copywriting, content strategy, and more.

Search as a customer engagement strategy?

We have more than just an app for that. We have Smart Search Solutions.

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