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Whether you’re considering upgrading your existing technologies or thinking about a new installation, Alpha Solutions is a partner you can trust. We ask the right questions, then help you gather and analyze the information you need to plan a successful project. Our time-boxed, fixed-priced services leverage our deep expertise and broad experience to prepare you for your next-gen marketing technology.

Content Management System (CMS) Health Check

Individually, those little work-arounds your business users have created don’t add up to all that much. But collectively, they could indicate serious trouble on the horizon. Whether you’ve noticed performance degradation, just installed a new release, or maybe made recent architectural changes, you’ll want to ensure the overall health of your CMS.

Whatever the need, we can help you diagnose issues, uncover root causes for inconveniences, and make recommendations for optimizing your CMS platform to perform its best for your business.

  • Monitor performance of and proactively fine-tune key aspects of your CMS infrastructure
  • Analyze CMS integrations and system configurations for performance optimization and stability
  • Examine log files and event logs for common errors
  • Evaluate workflow processes for efficiencies and opportunities
  • and more…

CMS Health Checks are performed by one of our Senior IT Architects, with support from relevant subject-matter experts as needed. For the first month of this service, you’ll get a weekly report along with a final, summarizing report of our findings and recommendations for both quick wins and longer-term initiatives. You can extend this engagement to become a monthly monitoring service for an additional fee.

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CMS Optimization Assessment

Timing isn’t everything – but it’s one of three critical factors we’ll consider with you, including: Why should we upgrade? When should we upgrade? How do we upgrade?

We’ll lead you through our proven process for ensuring you make an educated decision regarding your upgrade readiness and setting your company up for a successful upgrade project.

  • Education about new features and their value to your business
  • ROI analysis to determine what, if anything, you’ll gain by upgrading
  • Workshops to determine which features are relevant to your business and which might supplement your existing solution or replace other 3rd-party solutions
  • Technical assessment of your existing solution and source code, with a focus on upgrade complexity and which elements need to be adapted, phased out, or replaced with newer technologies
  • Risk analysis to identify potential obstacles and uncover unknown factors
  • Scoping, timelines, and estimates for the upgrade project
  • Assistance with user stories and making a business case for the upgrade
  • A summarizing report with recommendations, benefits, and long-term initiatives

Projects are based on a fixed price and generally last 2-3 weeks. Answers to a few brief questions will get us started on a quote.

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Product Information Management (PIM) Integration Assessment

If you’re thinking about replacing marketing systems or platforms in your IT architecture – or you need to make structural changes to your existing architecture to meet changing business requirements – we can help. We’ve worked with clients across the globe to scope, design, and implement reliable, flexible, robust IT architectures.

  • Planning and preparation workshops to identify business requirements and KPIs, engage stakeholders, educate Marketing and IT teams about PIM features and the implementation process, and more…
  • Analysis and assessment to determine technical readiness, identify and evaluate necessary integrations and their impact on business process and productivity, assess risks and potential roadblocks, and more…
  • Project road-mapping to scope the work, determine timelines, estimate budget and resources needed, define milestones and deliverables, and more…

Every business has its complexities. We leverage our global expertise to provide you with steady guidance for planning a stable, reliable, business-changing Product Information Management solution. And when you’re ready to implement, we’ll be ready to estimate and execute on your roadmap.

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