Smart Search Solutions for Intelligent e-Commerce

Increase conversion rates and order sizes, right out of the box

Today’s customers expect to find exactly what they’re searching for, and Alpha Solutions helps you deliver it dynamically with Smart Search Solutions for Sitecore, Episerver, and Umbraco. Our independent search software improves your online customers’ shopping experience and offers you the autonomy you need to respond quickly and effectively to their needs, seamlessly aligning your product story with your latest sales strategy.

One Solution, three platforms

We developed Sitecore Search Solution (SSS), Episerver Search Solution (ESS), and Umbraco Search Solution (USS) to provide a variety of options to our customers. Each Search Solution features:

Improved search experience helps online shoppers find what they’re looking for quickly, with faceted search, type-ahead, “did-you-mean,” and targeted offers – reducing clicks while increasing cart size.

Intelligent keyword matching for related products, replacement product suggestions, and competitor product equivalents.

Superior search analytics provide insights about user behaviors, with predefined statistical options, such as “zero result queries” and “frequent queries.”

Accelerated content integration conveniently and effectively tells a consistent story about your products, across systems, platforms, websites, and other content sources.

Easy administration module allows you to dynamically manage what your customers see, rank the order in which they see it, and prioritize or promote results – without programming skills or IT intervention.

Effective integration with social media strengthens your brand identity and amplifies your message across channels, enriching your customers’ web store experience.

IT-friendly: fast installation, little configuration, easy maintenance

Our Smart Search Solutions are built on optimized Solr Software, a mature, open source platform that leads the industry in faceted search. Modular components provide out-of-the-box functionality that can be added to your existing platform in just days, easily consolidating multiple content types from multiple repositories.

Sitecore Search Solution Architecture structure

Smart Search products are licensed and can be installed by your own IT department, a range of Sitecore partners, Alpha Solutions, or other Sitecore, Umbraco, or Episerver experts. Compatible with Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft Navision/Axapta/C5, SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, and more…

Drive your eCommerce with a Smart Search Solution.

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