Accelerate Your Sitecore Experience Commerce

with Commerce Engagement Accelerator

Powerfully Persuasive Recommendations

Optimize your shopping site experience with drag-and-drop components that allow you to boost shopper engagement with your products, quickly and without IT intervention.

Add these powerful extensions to your Sitecore Experience Commerce platform:

Personalize with Recommended Products based on user history or machine intelligence.  Entice shoppers to browse with Popular Products, Just Arrived items, and more. Drive bigger cart sizes with Related Products and “Also Viewed/Bought” suggestions.

Features for Them

  • Product recommendations offer a personalized shopping experience.
  • Multiple product views -- colors, context of use, and more -- provide context.
  • “Popular” and “Just Arrived” options encourage exploration.
  • “Also Viewed” and “Also Bought” provide comparisons and further suggestions.
Get more flexible product presentation options

Tools for You

  • Drag-and-drop component selection and simple configuration makes set-up a breeze.
  • Easy-to-use A/B testing helps you learn about shopper preferences.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting lets you know how you’re doing.
Take control of your eCommerce insights

Accelerate your Sitecore Experience Commerce site today!

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