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Over the years, Alpha Solutions has helped a large number of companies select and integrate search platforms. Some of the platforms we have worked with are Apache SOLR, FAST (Microsoft Enterprise Search), Google Appliance Search, Verity/Autonomy, Surfray, Speed of Mind, Oracle, etc. Our recommendation is based on the client’s needs and the ability to best leverage the existing technology.

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With the experience we gained on projects, our team has developed two products, Sitecore Search Solution and Umbraco Search Solution. Both the products are based on SOLR.

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  • Already have search implemented? Does it need fine tuning?
  • Enhance your website search experience. Add type ahead, rich media and increase relevancy.
  • Search Legacy Systems
  • Search as a Platform
  • Index multiple sources

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    Sitecore Search Solution

    Sitecore Search Solution is a search module for your existing Sitecore installation. It is built on SOLR and is integrated with Sitecore to provide a seamless experience to both editors and visitors.

    Umbraco Search Solution

    Umbraco Search Solution easily adds enterprise-level search (based on Solr) to your Umbraco solution. With Alpha Solutions Umbraco Search Solution module you can deploy faceted search to your Umbraco based portal / website in a matter of days.