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With rapidly changing business requirements, a flexible, yet robust IT architecture is key to meet corporate objectives. Sometimes, systems and platforms must be replaced but often simple structural changes to an existing architecture can make a huge difference prior to investing in new technologies.

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Having worked on some of the largest and most complex Sitecore solutions has taught us a few things. With the knowledge we have accumulated we can help you

  • Assess your system architecture based on internal functional requirements as well as market requirements. A deliverable is usually a report with a set of recommendations addressing critical areas
  • Design a highly scalable search architecture
  • Develop requirement specifications for an RFP
  • Design a development road map for features and functionality in Sitecore, based on Sitecore best practices and your business priorities.
  • Define best practices and coding standards for your solution
  • Deliver knowledge transfer and training of developers and marketers to develop and operate a healthy platform

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