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Helping your visitors find what they need is key in converting them to customers, and studies have shown 3-4 times higher conversion rates on products or content found through the search bar than through navigation.

Can you afford not to optimize search?

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Based on our experience with search based solutions, we have developed two products – Sitecore Search Solution and Umbraco Search Solution. Built on the powerful Apache Solr search engine, both products comprise of a number of search tools, and will work out-of-the-box with minimum installation and configuration requirements.

Features include:

  • Faceted search
  • Type ahead search
  • Dynamic rich-media type ahead
  • Did-you-mean?
  • Advanced ranking model
  • Synonyms
  • Prioritized results
  • Query Analytics
  • Crawl external content - SharePoint, WordPress etc.
  • Targeted results/content

Building a seamless, enterprise grade search experience on Sitecore and Umbraco sites that meets today’s business requirements couldn’t be made simpler.

Sitecore Search Solution

Sitecore Search Solution is a search module for your existing Sitecore installation. It is built on SOLR and is integrated with Sitecore to provide a seamless experience to both editors and visitors.

Umbraco Search Solution

Umbraco Search Solution easily adds enterprise-level search (based on Solr) to your Umbraco solution. With Alpha Solutions Umbraco Search Solution module you can deploy faceted search to your Umbraco based portal / website in a matter of days.

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