Looking for a Google Search Appliance Alternative?

If you're running on Sitecore, Sitecore Search Solution is the perfect choice!

If you are using GSA currently - now is a good time to plan for a replacement. Google will discontinue Google Search Appliance (GSA)  and Sitecore Search Solution (SSS) could be just what you need. Sitecore Search Solution (SSS) is built on Apache Solr, delivering a high-end flexible search engine.

Sitecore Search Solution - at a glance


  • Improved search experience and content relevancy
  • Faceted search allows visitors to quickly narrow down results
  • Type-ahead improves usability and helps the visitor
  • Targeted offers increase order sizes
  • Accuracy and relevancy improve conversion rates
  • Fast implementation and short time-to-market
  • Search Studio allows non-technical users to manage search
Sitecore Search Solution in action


Easy configuration of search results directly in Sitecore with Search Studio

  • Advanced Ranking Models – Rank your products/content how you prefer based on criteria!
  • Prioritized Search Results – Select specific products/content for no. 1,2,3 etc.
  • Special promotions – If search is for roller blades, want to list safety gear, helmet etc.?
  • Search redirects to Brand Stores – Display search products in their own brand environments!
  • Keyword Matching – Use the Analytics to analyze search words and align, e.g. “sparkling water” = “mineral water”.
  • Replacement Products – Out of stock? Direct visitors to other products!
  • Competitive Product Matching – Get searches for competitors products? Redirect to your own equivalent product!

Google Search Appliance Alternative

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