Sitecore Upgrade Assessment

Upgrading your Sitecore solution is more than just installing the new software and run a few database scripts - like any other project you need to identify the business value in upgrading, prepare the project and plan accordingly.

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With many years of experience upgrading Sitecore solutions, including to the newest Sitecore 8 versions, we can help you in this process to ensure that you make an educated decision and set yourself up for a successful upgrade project.

It all starts with "What do I gain from upgrading"?

The Sitecore Upgrade Assessment focuses on three main elements: Why should we upgrade?, When should we upgrade and How do we do it. An Upgrade Assessment may include:

  • Educating about the new features available and their value
  • Workshops to determine what features are relevant for your business either by supplementing your existing solutions or replacing existing 3rd party systems
  • ROI analysis identifying if you will gain from upgrading and which added features will benefit you
  • Technical assessment of your existing solution with focus on upgrade complexity, elements that need adaptation to newer technologies and elements that are obsolete and should either be removed or fully replaced
  • Risk analysis to identify potential obstacles and unknown factors
  • Scoping and estimation of the upgrade project
  • Timeline and overall user stories
  • Help make the business case for upgrading your Sitecore solution
  • A summarizing report with recommendations, benefits and long-term initiatives

An offering by our senior architectural experts

The Sitecore Upgrade Assessment is performed by one of our Senior IT Architects, supported by relevant experts from our different locations. Participation from Business owners and key technical staff is required. Also required is access to your existing Sitecore solution and source code for the technical assessment.