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On-site search is a key component of almost any e-commerce website. When it works well, it is fast, convenient and efficient and will increase your conversions and ROI!

Get prepared for search

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However, this requires that your search engine must be designed and configured to match the requirements of both your visitors and your business. This implies, among other factors, ensuring that customers can find the right product without searching by the exact jargon that your website uses; or ensuring that you offer customers the most relevant products within an attractive price range.

Initiatives to improve the search experience and success rate on your e-commerce website

In a number of workshops, we will help you define the initiatives that will improve the search experience on your e-commerce website. The initiatives may include:

  • Facets or product specification boxes for filtering, allowing intuitive search
  • On-site search guidance with relevant auto-complete suggestions
  • Context specific ranking of your products in the search result list, based on your business preferences, i.e. a relative weighing of your choice of business drivers like price, stock position, and novelty value
  • Targeted promotions (banners etc.) related to specific searches
  • Search redirects to lead customers to specific websites for more information, special campaigns or promotions
  • Linguistic rules to avoid zero-result pages, e.g. synonyms or rules for stemming and lemmatization, meaning that the visitor will get to the right product even when typing a wrong character in the product name

This offering is customized to match your choice of search engine, Whether Sitecore's built-in Lucene search engineor our own dynamic, component-based search module based on Apache Solr: Sitecore Search Solution

Input from sales and marketing is needed

The ‘Prepare for Search’ workshops are performed by Senior Consultants. We expect participation of decision makers from your Sales and Marketing Departments. The workshops will be carried out over a 1-2 weeks period.