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Alpha Solutions is one of the leading Sitecore implementation partners in the world. With responsibility for some of the largest and most complex Sitecore installations worldwide, our team has the experience needed to help you succeed.

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With more than 75 Sitecore solutions implemented, we have experience with all kinds of projects from smaller web sites to large enterprise class solutions.

Some of our strengths are:

  • Sitecore architecture following best practices for maximum flexibility, scalability and performances
  • Advanced e-commerce solutions providing high ROI for our customers using best-of-breed e-commerce platforms such as Sitecore Commerce, uCommerce, ActiveCommerce and InsiteCommerce
  • Search implementation to significantly improve visitors' experience and increase conversion rates. One of our favorite tools is our own Sitecore Search Solution, which offers superior search performance with minimal needs for installation and configuration and at a very competitive price point
  • xMarketing consulting and implementation getting the most out of your Sitecore investment by utilizing the Sitecore Experience Platform to its fullest extent
  • Best of breed implementations from our extremely skilled and experienced Sitecore team

We also offer the following packaged options to get our customers started in a quick and focused manner:

  • Sitecore Health Check where we diagnose issues and inconveniences and make recommendations for optimizing your installation(s) with regards to performance and general operations
  • Sitecore Assessment helps you make the most out of your Sitecore investment by benchmarking your current solution and provide guidance, governance recommendations and roadmap suggestions for the future path of your solution
  • Sitecore xMarketing Scoping to help you scope and plan your digital visitor experience utilizing Sitecore's extensive marketing features